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February 25 - 27, 2019
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

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Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2019 - Agenda

Check out this year's event guide for all of the topics that will be covered this February. Inside, you'll find sessions on virtual testing, big data challenges, scaling computing platforms, leveraging 5G technology and more!

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Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.

Exclusive Content

Accelerating the Deployment of Level 5 Automation

Although autonomous technologies haven't reached wide scale adoption yet, many have already been tested and protoyped. With deployment imminent, we analyzed the four largest technical challenges facing autonomous vehicles today. Developing solutions to tackle these specific challenges will be compulsory to accelerate the deployment of level 5 automation.Download this report...

Welcome to the Autonomous Revolution: How Autonomous Technology is Transforming the Automotive Industry from the Inside Out

The Autonomous Vehicles Summit surveyed 325+ global automotive leaders to identify where car manufacturers are on their journey towards autonomous, how they’re capitalizing on this opportunity for reinvention and the key challenges they’re facing as a result. This report aims to not only present a snapshot of the current state...

Autonomous Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous technology is set to transform the motor industry over the next decade, but there are no clear paths laid down for OEMs to follow, and as such we could be on the verge of revolutionary changes. In fact, we almost certainly are with recent developments is AI!

Monetizing Data from the Connected Car

As the automotive industry moves towards autonomous driving, today’s new cars gather and process increasingly vast amounts of data. Vehicles equipped with an array of sensors and cameras generate data about how they are used, where they are on the road, the surrounding environment, and the operating status of a...

Autonomous Vehicles: Using Satellite Data for Mapping

Cellular and terrestrial Wi-Fi networks have played an integral role in the development of connected cars, delivering software updates, critical information, and mapping data. As the industry continues to move towards autonomous vehicles, satellite data will have an equally crucial role in providing highly accurate and precise mapping data for...

The Impact of Cellular Networks & 5G

The global market for connected vehicles continues to grow at pace and the introduction of 5G networks is predicted to have a significant impact on the development of fully autonomous cars.

Automotive Software in the Age of Autonomous

The purpose of the report is to explore how industry leaders see the autonomous-driving ecosystem develop, change, face and overcome challenges over the course of this year. Based on their professional specialization, respondents were asked to give their own comments on how to overcome the major challenges in the different...


The legal landscape in the US and Germany

This first annual White Paper on the Legal Landscape of the Autonomous Vehicles summarizes the current activities and trends in the US and Germany that are perceived to be most affecting this innovative space. Those areas include: • Regulation • Product liability • Cybersecurity/privacy • Intellectual property • Corporate/ M&A

Accelerate Automotive Development with Intelligent Management of Machine-Generated Data

With Quantum’s intelligent data management solutions—built on StorNext®, the industry’s fastest streaming file system—automotive companies can automate their storage policiesand accelerate analysis while reducing overall storage costs.Content courtesy of Quantum.

Shared Automated Vehicles: Review of Business Models

This paper provides an introduction to the current state of vehicle automation and shared mobility. The paper discusses current shared mobility business models to foster a better understanding of these systems at present and to set the stage for possible future shared automated vehicle (SAV) business models. The discussion covers...

Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Guide For Policymakers

This thorough, 200-page report, courtesy of the RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology Program, explores legislative activity, the role of telematics and communications, and liability implications, among many other topics surrounding autonomous cars. 

Driving the Future: Understanding the New Automotive Consumer

A closer look at autonomous vehicles, in-car technologies, car sharing and ride sharing.

Secure And Efficient OTA (Over-The-Air) Updating For A Changing Automotive World

This document discusses the drivers that are likely to broaden the use of OTA update technology throughout the car, and outlines the specific cybersecurity threats this expanded use of the technology can be expected to bring about. It then details recommended security objectives and architectural modifications that can help car...

Onsite Interviews

Interview with Jody Kelman, Product Lead, Self-Driving Platform Team, Lyft

In this interview, Jody Kelman shares insight on overcoming government regulations and the competitive landscape with Uber.

Hear What Sponsors Are Saying About Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley

In this video, you will hear from past sponsors of Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley. They shared their honest thoughts on what sets this summit apart from the rest and why you cannot miss the upcoming summit.

Interview with Dr. Aravind Kailas, Research and Innovation Manager at Volvo Trucks

In this interview, Dr. Aravind Kailas shares insight on the implications for long-haul autonomous trucks, Volvo's most innovative technological advancements, and how he feels about the Tesla Semi Truck!

Interview with Jeremy McClain, Director for Systems and Technology, Chassis & Safety Division at Continental Automotive North America

In this interview, Jeremy McClain shares insight on their partnership with NVIDIA, reducing the number of automotive fatalities, and overcoming the negative public perception of autonomous cars. 

Interview with Dr. Robert Sadowski, Chief Roboticist at U.S. Army TARDEC

In this interview, Dr. Robert Sadowski shares insight on Autonomous Vehicles Defense Applications.

In the News

The Holy Grail of Safety: Integrating Active and Passive Safety Systems

While passive and active safety systems have significantly improved the safety of cars across all segments, the industry believes the power of future safety systems lies with the integration of the two structures. Sensors, controllers, data interpretation and intervention protocols have to work seamlessly to take safety performance to the...

Automotive Startups Grow with Increasing OEM Uncertainty - Here's How

With electric cars, ride-sharing, and self-driving technology, the automotive industry is on the verge of disruption. In the near future, people won't need to own vehicles anymore - it'll become a luxury. Just like back in the day, when mass-produced cars first hit the streets and horses went from being...

Intel Corporation on the Future of Functional Safety for Autonomous Vehicles

Automotive IQ sat down with Mr. Pipponzi, Functional Safety Automation Manager at Intel Corporation, to discuss the increasing complexity in functional safety for electric and automated vehicles.

Videos (No Download Necessary)

Three Predictions for Autonomous Vehicle Technology in 2019

According to a recent report, autonomous vehicle technology is advancing faster than ever. Here are the top three predictions for autonomous vehicle technology in 2019...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation Packet

In preparation for Autonomous Vehicles Silicon Valley 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:BCG on the Re-imagined Car: Insights & ImplicationsFocused on Autonomous Car System Architecture? Don't Forget Application Code Matters!Getting Sensors RightHolistic Thermal Management for Autonomous VehiclesEvolving Consumer...

BCG on the Reimagined Car: Insights & Implications

The Boston Consulting Group presents on: How will autonomous technology, electrification, and sharing converge to change the world?How can traditional and new mobility players profit from new business models?What are the takeaways from BCG’s work with the World Economic Forum and the City of Boston in developing Boston’s 2030 mobility...

Focused on Autonomous Car System Architecture? Don't Forget Application Code Matters!

Celeste Breyer, Field Application Engineer, LDRA, presents on: The assertion that no single technology or architectural feature offers a “silver bullet” to guarantee security, and that no connected system is ever going to be both useful and impenetrable.A discussion of how even the best system architectures will inevitably include weak...

Getting Sensors Right

Aaron Jefferson, VP of Product Planning, ZF, presents on: What are the critical components for self-driving systems? Do you replicate the human eye or use multiple sensing modalities?Do you need lidar or will cameras and radar suffice?What kind of partnerships are most effective?

Holistic Thermal Management for Autonomous Vehicles

Sukhvinder S. Kang, CTO, Aavid Thermal Division, Boyd Corporation, presents on: What are the thermal management needs in Autonomous VehiclesCharacteristics of Boyd’s thermal technologies for advanced electronics systemsHow holistic thermal solutions can enable efficient and effective AV systems

Evolving Consumer Attitudes on Autonomy

Ed Kim, VP of Industry Analysis, AutoPacific, presents on: How accepting are consumers of autonomous drive technology?Are consumers ready for the fundamental shifts in the vehicle ownership model that will come with autonomy?Who are the consumers ready for autonomy, and what will convince those who aren’t?

Accelerating Mobility Technology Deployment Via Public-Private Partnerships

Kathryn Snorrason, Business Development Manager, Michigan Economic, Development Corp. (MEDC) presents on:How is the state of Michigan partnering with private industry to pilot AV technology?What have the stakeholders learned about autonomous vehicles and human behavior? How is the state of Michigan supporting and incubating transportation startups?

Fontinalis Partners: Transformation and Evolution of the Next-generation Mobility Industry

Chris Thomas, Founder & Partner, Fontinalis Partners, presents on the following:Transformation and evolution of the next-generation mobility industryThe technologies, locations, and behavior that are driving this transportation revolutionWho has the opportunity to “win” and where do we go from here?

SiriusXM: The Content Revolution Coming to a Car Near You

Peter Polit, VP and GM, Connected Vehicle Strategy and Partnerships, Sirius XM, presents on the following:Maximizing the revenue opportunity for in-vehicle content and determining who will control tit and how you can benefitWhat are the necessary technical advancements required to link passenger data, preferred content and UXWhat models will OEMs...

NVIDIA: Artificial Intelligence & Self-driving Cars

Tim Wong, Director of Technical Program Management for Autonomous Vehicles, NVIDIA presents on the following:How artificial intelligence should be programmedIs it sufficient to employ end-to-end learning using cameras that watch people drive and then put it through the deep neural net, or are AI systems are fatally flawed because human...

Requesting a Ride: Car Sharing and Car Hailing as The Next Big Movement in Autonomy

Annabel R. Chang, Director of Public Policy at Lyft discusses Autonomy coming to a street near you: discussing the recent announcements of timeline of release of autonomous cars to the public, how car sharing apps and city transport are breaking boundaries and bringing autonomy to our roads, the appeal of...

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